Thursday, February 2, 2012

Back to Blog

Guess what? I am so back. I know it’s been 28 million years since my last post and honestly, I myself couldn’t believe that I have let cobwebs and dust populate this abode that has been my sounding board ever since I joined the OFW bandwagon. Oh well, I bet Facebook and other social networking sites have taken a toll too on some of your old habits and indiscriminately altered some of you life’s paradigms. And in as much as we want to stay in our old ways, embracing what life has to offer can prove to benefit us more especially now that modern society has lost its will of good governance. Such being the case, it is important that we carefully choose who to grow our social connections with.

Back to being back, change is really inevitable and bloggers come and go. Why is it so hard to focus on something that used to be part of yourself amidst fields of fresh, beautiful yet twisted distraction? Got a new job, and new set of friends, new priorities and new challenges, the answer may just be lying dormant in a wrinkle in the human brain where all the words are hiding, waiting for an inspiration to come around or a realization of what really matters most comes to mind. There was no single day I wish I could write a few lines of how my life has been unfolding. Why can’t words flaunt themselves in the air so I can just pull them down in a blank sheet to express my heart’s recent tales? Unfortunately, nothing came easy. Nothing in this world comes free. Hope this time I wouldn’t disappoint. There are many stories to tell and dreams to share.

Being an OFW bestows us a greater scope of experiences far from what majority of Filipinos have known and heard about. Inherently, our sob stories and triumphant tales deserve to be echoed beyond the lonesome corners of our night cribs. This is our calling. We may have come from different backgrounds and preferences, but our aspirations are the same. As we try to make our dreams to fruitful realities for our families, let us not forget that who should we love first, ourselves.

Now that I am older, my life’s experiences have greatly defined my present stretch of precedencies. Things will never again be as they have been. I am through with things that some people might just be enjoying right now, hence, I couldn’t always swim in that same direction. I know how important family and friends are for someone in our shoes, but some things don’t just fall into places by chance. Each has to make a choice and that choice depends on our present priorities, anchored towards a clear vision of how we want our lives to be a couple of years from now. And this blog will always be my bastion and my home as I travel the road I am destined to take.


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