Saturday, November 12, 2011

Goodnight, Not Goodbye

Every episode must come to an end so that the next can be written. Trees shed their leaves in autumn so that their leafy arms could pray by the time of spring. People and friends come and go just as seasons change even without our efforts to affect it. Change isn't a phenomenon and goodbye isn't always the saddest word.

It will never be over. Friendship is not measured by the lenght of time that we have been together. It is not bounded by the distance between us but by our willingness and thoughts to keep it. Faith is believing even without seeing it. Friendship is like the wind, we could hardly see it, but its presence we can eternally feel.

When someone dear to you left, the memories need not follow.That isn't what memories are made for. It is made for remembering, that though we maybe separated by great distance and repugnant ideas, ours is still a friendship bonded by that one moment in time where we shared pantry meals and endless chitchats, where we dream together and keep chasing pavements.

Its hard to say goodbye and nonetheless harder to see leaving a gap in a circle that we're once a part of. Yeah, the broken part is always replaceable, but the person isnt. So I'm just telling you all goodnight, not goodbye, cause I know tomorrow we will still be here for each other facebooking, strlling in packs on a winter night and and just simply reminding each other that we are not that far apart, at least in thought and in spirit.


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