Thursday, August 19, 2010

Employee of the Month

Getting academic awards undoubtedly will bolster anyone's resume. But getting an award like the "Employee of the Month" speaks of something else. It boosts the character and that is the sweetest thing.

Of the few awards that life has accorded me with, along with the "The Indefatigable Breadwinner" and "The Talented Mr. Ripped Off", receiving the "Employee of the Month" award is the one I cherished the most. Why? Because it is something bequeated to me without the conscious effort to actually get it. Unlike going to school and burning your brows just to get high grade or making the night day practicing for varsity to win the championship, being acknowledged in a way people perceive you, see you and admire you brings a different kind of high incomparable to that wherein success depends alone on your skills and beauty. It is beyond personal competence but going the extra mile to do the things you do with dedication, love, passion and mindset that others are relying on you but without the expectation to be rewarded with any appreciation.

Ten years of professional experience so far back up my resume. I have already worked for three companies in the Philippines before I decided to join the league of the unbranded heroes in Dubai. Like all other OFWs in other parts of the globe, we never expect for anything else aside from getting paid for what we work for. We work hard because that's just the way Filipino do things, dedicated, reliable and "may malasakit". Ask why many companies prefer Filipinos in the workplace, the answer is right under your nose. What motivates us is not the hope of being chosen as the "Employee of the Month" award, but our desire to exceed the worth of what the company is compensating us.

Receiving the "Employee of the Month" award from a company of three hundred employees is a happy consolation as sweet as the sweat coming out of my pores when I walk my way to office each morning at sizzling temparature. Beyond the certificate and the recognition, it is a testimony of how we Filipinos value our craft, persevere in our work and give it our best despite the minimal salary, traces of discrimation, cultural offenses and the fate of simply being far away from home. I know all the employees in the company have read the circulation mentioning my name as the awardee for the month, but I am taking home the honor on behalf of all the Filipinos in my company. I know they feel just as proud that I got to mirror our true spirit, whether in or outside of the office.

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