Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Near Sighted

It’s an extended weekend in the UAE across all sectors. On Sunday, Muslims celebrates “Israa and Miraaj”, the two parts of a Night Journey that, according to Islamic tradition, the Islamic prophet Muhammad took during a single night around the year 621. It is one of the most significant event in the Islamic calendar, but for OFW’s like us, this day off spells gimmick and bonding, more time to sleep and relax, rejuvenate and recover from stressful work and do things you normally do without the rush in bathroom usage, kitchen schedule and of course, Facebook without fear of your boss catching you!

DSS is the summer equivalent of the Dubai Shopping Festival, held annually to attract visitors during this month when the temperature is at its un-friendliest state. Who does want to get a heat stroke? So to compensate the unforgiving weather, malls and commercial establishments all over Dubai overwhelm residents and tourists as well with a month long sales and promotions! That’s something to really look forward to, when you happen to have the money or the limit! Otherwise, just set your sight for now and grab it on the next discount season.

At the close of this month, I will be transferring to a new house (again!) barely 2 months after moving to where I am currently staying. Well, why distress and prolong the agony when the choices are as abundant as the fishes in the oceans. I will be sharing a master’s bedroom soon with a friend and with complete house facilities. Now I can cook sinigang, one thing I terribly couldn’t live without. It is also high time that you get the best accommodation you can get because soon enough, renewal of visa will require a tenancy contract of where you’re staying and switching houses is something the government might not want to see, or rather they want to see, cause if they catch you, you got fine!

Oh yeah, it’s that time of the year again. Bye bye calendar. Hello Lotto! Unlike when you were a child rushing to grow up to experience real life, this day it seems doesn’t get too exciting. Don’t you just hate it when the only thing that seems to increase is your age and your bank account is lagging far behind the race? But anyhow, it’s always another reason to be thankful, to remember the day when my mother shouted, “it’s coming!” and my father upon sight uttered, “sure it’s mine?” It’s been a long journey since then. Rough, tough, painful, sanguine, successful, looking back, that’s how it was. Looking now, it’s all worth it.
30 days of fasting and goodness equate to 30 days of 3 hours less daily work. Who doesn’t want that? But they say, Ramadan is the time of the year when unproductivity is at its highest because people tend to use the holidays as an excuse not to report on time and not do their job well. Well, we can‘t totally blame the, have you tried not drinking and eating from sun up to sun down? I am pretty sure you wouldn’t have that much energy especially when you’re job is to drive a taxi or work in a construction. For all it’s worth, Ramadan ushers in a season when everybody veers away from the world and that brings in so much peace, kindness, acceptance and unity in the Muslim world.
I deserved a break, a long one and the genie said, you’re wish is my command. On your calendar folks, 24rd August till 17th September, Manila & Cabanatuan City Philippines, get ready! Or should I? Two years since the last time I came home and it feels like it’s ages ago. I wonder how they look now, our house, my family, my friends, my plants. Can’t wait to feel the raindrops fall on my head and hear the birds sing while the neighbour gossips my homecoming. Oh F_ck! I forgot it’s monsoon season. My activities will be very limited I am sure. But who cares, I got home and that is all that matters.
Nope, I am not changing company. My company is just changing ownership. From a small anonymous media site, we will soon under the arms of a media company that is synonymous to NEWS. Is there anything to worry about? Management assured everything will be as it has been and we’re counting on. In business, there is really no other way but up and grow and I feel it as a positive welcome change. Coat and tie? Not really, just same old work dedication and commitment, to be aligned behind the new company vision and objectives.


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