Sunday, March 13, 2011

Public Apology

If goodbye is the saddest word, then sorry is the hardest. To say sorry is easy, what is difficult is to mean it. If it takes a long time to find true friends and even a lifetime to find someone who'll stay besides us forever, it would take only a few minutes and even a few words to destroy it. Relationships are not founded so that it could be wasted in the end. This isn't what memories are made for. Surely the things we have shared is worth more that a heartfelt apology. Therefore, if it needs to say sorry for all our indifference, we should do it as much as we could and as many times as we should.

Time is always forward. If what we have after us are no circles but broken relationship, we are not actually living worthy lives. Instead of propagating, we are creating grudges and hate feelings. We are closing doors where new friends could be introduced. We are burning bridges where new acquaintances could walk through. We are building walls that stop communications. We will be remembered by the last things we do. If we hurt other people, we are moving on with guilt and leaving behind disconnected loops of wasted time and resources. If we don't value its essense, it's alright, it only means that we dont value our lives, or if we do, we are acting a little selfish and centered.

It is never late to say sorry. Ironing mistakes and patching up is always welcome. To do righteos things never goes out of style. The fact that it is human to err should make apologizing a little easy to do than harboring the ruthless pride. We should waste no time if we need to say sorry, life can't wait. We will be endlessly sorry if the person to whom we owe these words won't no longer be here to hear that things we want to say. It is not fair to assume that we will all the same length of stay here on earth, that's why we should say everything before it's too late.

Wounds heal in time just the same as hurt born out of miscommmunication, falling out of love, separation or from simple misunderstanding and from individual indifferences. Getting hurt is inevitable and so does giving an apology. It wouldn't be easy if we'll allow pride gets in the way but to regain the trust and friendship from saying a genuine sorry is in itself greater than all that money can buy to cast away guilt and solitude.

So always say sorry to those people that you have wronged to, remember that sometimes, what hurts aren't always the words that we said, but the words that we don't.


First, I wanna say sorry to my blog. Webcobs are starting to appear and I have no time to update and share any new stories. Personal issues and work are getting the best and worst of me. But no worry, come next month, I will see you more often.

I am sorry to a habit. I just can't get you off my life right now. Maybe I should be sick and unwell everyday, so I won't be tempted to take you on and be obliged.

I wanna say sorry to a friend, but you know, I value privacy and at time when I wanted to be alone, invading my confinement without notice really makes me so unwelcoming.

I wanna say sorry to another friend, times are getting tough. As much as I want to help in my own little ways, doing that same gesture is no longer wise. And one day when all this 'crime' gets known, I just don't wanna stand there as a state witness.

I wanna say sorry to another friend, I appreaciate your plenty of (missed) calls. But if ever you call and I didn't get to answer, please write me SMS so I will know what you are up to.

I wanna say sorry to another close friend, I wish I could help you out with your job hunting right now. But I am also busy looking for one. I wish you good luck.

I wanna say sorry to another close friend, for taking you out of my FB friends. If I know a person is capable of saying something so hurtful, invisibility is the only way not to hear those words again.

I am sorry to all my friends who texted me but I didn't even reply. Sorry to those who just wanted to say hi, hello and how are you and yet I chose to hide, ignore and be invisible.

I am sorry to all the people who tried to reach out and know me but I have refused to open up. I choose my friends and not everybody can please me. Sorry for taking risks. Sorry for sharing your time and load. Sorry that I couldn't be the person you wished I could be.

I am sorry to a cousin, things aren't always green just because I am an OFW. I wanted to help but I need to help my family first. It's not that I don't want to help you, it's just that I don't have the means right now.

Sorry to my Kuya and I cant get you here in Dubai right now. I am not yet settled. If I could find a better job then you don't have to ask me if I can help you. I'll send you the visa and ticket right away. Just be patient.

Sorry to my sisters, You are graduating from college and I just couldn't be there. Trust that I feel proud that you're able to finish schooling despite all the difficulties.

Sorry to my father, your birthday is coming next month and I don't know if I could be able to at least call you to greet you on that special day. Why are words so difficult to say when it is for you? But this sweet child of yours loves you very much. More than you all know.

Sorry to my mother. We just can't pay the bank loan this month. I have trield all I can but my savings is quite not enough to fully settle the principal. I am making a promise, next year we will get this loan paid and you won't have to worry.

I am sorry to my parents for being so emotionally distant. Forgive me if I dont talk to often and spend time just like what a typical family does. I feel I am all too grown up for that. Sorry that I have kept my personal life away from you.

Finally, I want to say sorry to myself for letting you suffer health wise. Sorry for giving you in for some undesirable habits.


  1. i will be here my friend… i'll come next month if you want to, get well buddy!

  2. Asking for apology is really a positive gesture. And accepting apology is more positive one!
    (it is harder than we thought!)

    I'm sorry...
    Tao lang... nagmamahal at umaayaw :)

    (para sa pintong ipininid at hindi na nabuksan)

  3. relax oslek! live ur life one day at a time. u're still blessed!