Saturday, March 7, 2009

Unjust Vexation

I was watching TV Patrol last night on TFC when one of their news stories caught my attention. Nope. It wasn't the new evidences presented against Celso delos Angeles to vindicate is guilt for defrauding his plan holders nor the demise of Francis Magalona after his fight with leukemia. What inspired me to write this blog was the alleged kidnapping attempt on Claudine Barreto's daughter by a woman who just claimed herself to be an avid fan. It's not that I symphatized with Claudine as she was crying during her interview nor that I feel sorry for her poor unsuspecting follower. What I found amusing about the news was the charges they filed against the woman. Like the many twists and turn that characterized many of Claudine's teleseryes, their complaint suffers from a congenital vagueness that even its definition is conspicuously absent in the Revised Penal Code.

UNJUST VEXATION, that was the charges that they filed against the girl who said she just wanted to know her idol and asked her copy of her magazines cover. The apparent lack of definition of unjust vexation have led law professors to define it as s a catch-all crime that applies whenever the act or omission complained of does not specifically fall under any other provision of the Revised Penal Code. Before the authorities arrested the girl, Claudine said that the woman has been calling their house anonymously and making up stories to entice her daughter to come with her. Claudine reiterated that during those times, she was so worried for her daughter that she had to have her daughter abandon her schooling and normal life temporarily for fear of abduction. Since the no kidnapping has occurred, the most they could held her accountable for was for making their family unrelaxed, threatened and stalked. Though some would say that Claudine might have over reacted, oh well, that is just the way it is, unjust vexation are conduct that annoys some people but that doesn't necessarily annoy others.

Now, if Claudine Barreto could complain about someone and have her arrested for making her felt uneasy and troubled, I might as well blame and seek legal remedy against those who are causing me too much distress, anxiety and emotional harassment. But how? How can I sue TIME for moving too fast and leaving me behind? How can I accuse HISTORY for teaching me less than what I was supposed to know? How can I blame the GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS for letting me lose my job? How can I charged my OWN SELF for being who I am? How can I go the police and request the arrest of someone that I could not even see? How could I hold accountable someone who's already dead? How can I fight someone bigger that all the allies that I can get?

What I am going through right now is more than unjust. It's too much, it's below the belt, it's bone chilling, it's soul crushing, it's life changing and it's faith questioning. I am not rich to be kidnapped, I am famous to be defamed. I am not that bad cruel to be punished. I am not that bad to be crucified. I am just an ordinary guy with extra ordinary dreams. How could they have conspired to give me all this pain?

Pain that is only mine to feel. I am the one who's supposed to complain and vindicated. I am supposed to be the victim here but why does it feel like I am the one behind bars, helpless, ridiculed and disgraced. It's all coming back to me. Maybe it's true. My vexations are not really unjust. That I made my own misery, that I created my own ghost. Whether what;s happening to me is just or unjust, only the ONE REAL JUDGE can tell.


  1. Naku, wala akong alam sa mga batas... Whew! Nahiya ako, ah! Makapag-aral nga ng law.

    Dahil sa kasalukuyang kalagayan mo, napapansin mo bang mas naging creative ang mind mo. Galing sa issue ng 'stalker' ng pamilya (?) Santiago nadala mo ako sa loob ng sarili mong kulungan! [KaKosa ka na rin pala ni Poging Kosa! Joke!]

    Alam din ng Judge na 'yon kung ano ang magiging hatol Niya sa 'yo; at sigurado akong 'just' 'yon. Hintay ka lang, huwag mong isiping 'justice denied' na 'yan dahil parang 'justice delayed' na ang nangyayari (sa 'yo).

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  3. DuDe,u R Lucky ThaT U CAn Express Ur Thought&feelings..i Envy U,fortunately U R Not In My Shoes,situation!..i lost In Child Custody to a really bad evil woman..&her frens kept harrasing me in all sort of opportunity,,Add to my pain was all this drugpusher criminal neighbor were slandering,torturing conspiring w brgy official to breath in down my neck,all because of paranoia,.fearing im a pdea asset or some vigilant righteous..what a society we were living in..!