Sunday, September 27, 2009


Dubai, 10:21 PM Saturday, Here are what I have in mind:

Rest days. Are over again. Seems to move so fast. I barely notice it's all lights out already. I just woke up a while ago. Been in bed since morning. I lost my mobile again the other night. Was so stupidly intoxicated. Well, at least I feel proud that I could do such things once in a while. Rest days are over. Another five straight days of work awaits tomorrow. And I still miss my family and my life in the Philippines. Can't seem to move on.

Award. Not really yet, just a nomination. Whoah! The drama and all my struggles and triumphs as an OFW and as a blogger have been recognized and shortlisted as finalist in the OFW Blog Category of the prestigious Philipine Blog Awards. I am ecstatic and filled with joy as I have never expected such appreciation, well at least this soon. Thanks to the people behind the nomination and kudos to all the other Kablogs nominees namely: Pope of Palipasan, Nebz of Isla de Nebz and Noel of Baul ni Noel.

News. Cristine Reyes is on top! Literally that is! At the roof of their house as relentless rains flooded and submerged their house and most residences in Marikina and other parts of Metro Manila. The best teleserye in recent years has just ended beautifully and interestingly. Before the heavy rains today, emotions were also flooded in tears as Filipinos witnessed the dramatic finale of Tayong Dalawa.

Disco. I went singly last Thursday. The frustrating part? I went there alone and more than half out of lucidity. I have already drunk too much in the house before I went there. There was crowd but I threw up in the toilet the moment I arrived. Disgusting! I messed up my pants and my shirt. I had to leave unwillingly and frustratingly. I wasn’t able to join the dance contest. My many days of practicing the infectious choreography of "Nobody" was put to vain. Anyway, there's always a second time.

Okay. Magbabayad na daw ng interest sa utang sa bangko sa katapusan..okay. Kita kita naman tayong dating mag officemate para naman you know magbonding..okay. Kuya, luto ka naman ng spag sa Lunes, di ba na regular ka na?..okay. She, dalaw ka naman dito minsan para turuan mo din akong magblogs, hehehe..okay. It feels good pala kung puro okay ang isasagot mo sa mga tanong sa yon oh? Parang ang bait ko! Anghel! Okay?

Memories. I am lying on my bed and I am looking straight at the white painted ceiling of our room. I am smiling occasionally as I think of my life. It's been one hell of ride from the start. There were so much pains and hurt but just the same, there were countless joys and success. I am imagining what tomorrow will bring but I really am clueless. Guess I'll just have to give it all up to Him.

Good night. Sweet Dreams.


  1. found your blog through PBA links(a blooger/friend of mine was also nominated). and though i dont watch tayong dalawa, i can almost feel your anguish. haha :)
    im also here in dubai, and i wanna wish you goodluck.


  2. @ grace: thanks grace sa yong pagdaan sa king munting kanlungan! oo nga till now affected pa rin ako na wala ng tayong dalawa. ako na lang mag-isa. hehehe

    wow dubaier ka rin pala! sana may blogs ka rin para sali ka dubai pinoy blogger group.

  3. i actually have one kaya lang its on multiply. i blog a lot also, but seldomly about dubai life. i guess i should, seeing how enlightening/therapeutic your posts are :)
    im backreading on you blog. naloka ako sa sabotaheng inabot mo sahil sa pandedeadma sa handshake! hehe

  4. @ grace: wow so meron ka rin pala, at least in ka pa rin!

    oo nga eh, i never imagine na magiging ganun siya ka obsessed at kasama dahil lang sa isang naunsyaming handshake. kung alam ko lang na ganun ang mangyayari, baka pari paa niya eh kinamayan ko na rin!

    thanks for backreading.

  5. so you used to be a drunkard huh?..I could not imagine how you manage to go to the disco alone..Solo flight..haha

    sa susunod sama mo naman kami..

  6. sam, natawa naman akong namiss mo ang dance contest for nobody! hahahaha!! video mo nga ung version mo.. ung parang papayat dance lang last time! heheheh!!

    enjoy life sam.. okay?? hehe ;)

  7. here's my blog:

    sana makadalaw ka minsan!

  8. Be careful of "Nobody". I heard it's the new "My Way". Hehehe.

    Goodluck, Chico, for the PBA.

  9. just passing by and i can't help leaving a note...feels good to know someone who have such talent... a hobby...i would say...keep it up my friend...see u around...chill!

  10. WHATTTTT!??..u lost again ur mobile?..hay nako, buti na lang 4th hand na un ano, hehe..

    kaya pala tawag ako ng tawag sayo, ring lang ng ring.. di kaya tinago ni...dahil..tumakas at nagdisco ka last thurs..hehe..:

    congrats, sa bago na namang karangalan..naku, maintimidate na naman for sure ung attacker mo nyan. give me a buzz sooner!

  11. congratulations on the nomination sa PBA.

    hehehe, by the way, please email me the code if you wish to share of the banner na ginawa mo for PEBA.

    We like it and we though to share it.