Friday, September 25, 2009

A Night A Nation Cried

I have reasons to be happy but I have chosen not to so I could be one with the nation and with the million Filipinos around the world to witness a saddening event. A night we wanted to feel sad and sorry, a night that was no cheerful and light. A night we knew would make us feel heavy on the chest yet we obliged. A night that has become ours, a night that was both poignant and depressing. A night that I alone have not cried and we couldn’t help it

For many months, we have committed to behold their intertwined stories. We were delighted with surprising twist after another , so fast paced that it's frustrating to miss a thing. Beyond their exciting tales were characters so real and lovable, that for most times, we have laughed with them, cried with them and deeply affected by their emotions and even dreams. Our devotions to know them larger than what we could see have mirrored how affectionate we Filipinos are, how easily we get carried away even sometimes by the things and thoughts that are just real life imitations

As their end drew to a close, we too have grasped for breath. In as much as we all wanted a happy ending, we needed to shed tears to bear with their demise. There were so many endings that came before them but somehow we never really cared. Francis M., Michael Jackson, Cory Aquino, yes we mourned their absence, but it's very unlikely to have a greater feeling of pains and grief for something that happened in a box.

Oh well, I know I am not the only one in this agony. I know many of you have cried too last night. It must have rained hard from within for most avid. Tissue please to hold back the drops.Kagabi, hindi lang ako, hindi lang tayong dalawa, marahil, tayong lahat ay nakiluha sa malungkot na mga kaganapan sa buhay nina Dave, JR at Audrey.


  1. Sayang I missed the finale of Tayong Dalawa due to a commitment last night. Pero mamaya aabangan ko ang replay schedule nya.

    Congrats for making it as PBA 2009 finalist, good luck and God bless.

  2. so, talagang pinanood mo ang ending? hehehehe! been watching it too. the past week, heavy drama talaga...

    pero hindi naman ako umiyak. i admire all of the casts...

    anyway... see you in PARIS! (sabi nga ni Casey Concepcion at Piolo Pascual!)

  3. You were really saddened? Hindi nga?

    Ako, I was pissed off. They maxed out the drama by killing Audrey a day before the finale (and I wonder why?).

    Ramon, whose character has no redeeming value, got a better ending than Audrey!

    Tayong Dalawa actually was Audrey's story. It's the story of her love.

    Dapat hindi Tayong Dalawa ang title nya. Dapat "Tayong Tatlo", in reference to the three male leads.

    E ano ba naman ang alam ko sa buong kwento e nakikipanood lang naman ako sa kapitbahay. (Hehehe).

  4. Actually, hindi ko na sila kilala buhat ng pinalitan ang TFC namin ng orbit..

    Tsk..tsk..sayang gusto ko pa naman ang TFC..Kung meron lang kami, adik na rin sana ako ngayon..

    Anyway, Nakikiramay ako sayo Chico. Alam ko kung gaano ka kalungkot ngayon..Sorry for your loss..Hayaan mo liligaya ka rin..lolz

  5. Everyone I think mourned for the ending of the TeleSerye.... sana may Book 2 nga.