Saturday, December 18, 2010

Into Fruition

PEBA and OFWs, sama-sama
sa pagpapakilala ng bagong pag-asa.

When I joined PEBA (Pinoy Expat Blog Awards) last year and didn't make it, I said I won't waste my time joining again. Bitterness and disapointment got the worst of me. A year later, I took my words back and blog again. Ask me why? Well, I realized that being an OFW is like a progressing book of hope and resilience, as long as we are here toiling far from our families, there would be stories of triumphs and trials that are meant to be shared and told, 12 million story tellers that is. And with PEBA around providing the platform to have our thoughts reached a wider audience, I thought I am lucky that somewhere in this huge universe of dividedness, an organization is trying to unite and back up our desires to tell stories of Filipino heroism.

At the onset of PEBA last year, PEBA is represented by a small group of people probably without an office. I joined like I was just joining an essay writing contest organized by some obscure minds trying to hug a wall bigger than they ever could. But a short period of time proved me WRONG. Obscurity had ADVOCACY and middle of 2009, PEBA assumed a legal personality, secured its own office and launched its own website where the Philippine-flag-colored butterfly can fly in a place she can truly call her home. In the succeeding months, the number of nominees encompassed the entire continents, supporters and sponsors kept coming in, not to mention the accreditation from various other organizations, both public and private.

Before 2009 ended, PEBA held its awarding ceremony for the best expat bloggers, in a decent venue, red carpet, with honorable guests, complete with media coverage and surprises to attendees and a clear presentation of its advocacies. It's a far cry from its maiden awards in 2008. The little pupa had indeed fast metamorphosized into a grand butterfly ready to soar into greater heights. Last year's theme: “Filipinos Abroad, Hope of the Nation, Gift to the World” was widely embraced. Sadly, I didn't even land in the Top 10. I was little disappointed.

2010 came. PEBA geared up for implementing its advocacies and of course - its annual awards while I closed my blog and kept blogging to myself. There were countless stories to tell but it seemed for my part, no one's interested to look and listen. I left blogging for almost half of the year until my return from vacation last July. I realized that I just couldn't miss the opportunity to stage my tales thru PEBA. Since then, I have found myself blogging again though under a new blogname and URL. Still hesitant to submit an entry, my inner self has convinced me to join at the very last minute. Yes, on October 31, I submitted my entry, "A One Less Generation" anchored on the theme "Strengthening the OFW Families: Stronger Homes for a Stronger Nation." This time, I wasn't thinking of like joining an essay writing contest back in high school but rather writing my own story in blank page of a thick OFW diary.

My entry has been adjudged this year's best blog post and my blog has ranked 8th overall . Honestly, I am deeply surprised. I should have sent someone to collect my award and send my gratitude to all the people who supported my entry. It's gonna be a shy admission but this actually means a lot to me. Now I know, many people still believe and trust in me and that I should continue blogging and deconstructing Dubai. To PEBA and all the people behind its success, shukran and let's all look forward to friution of all our future endeavors and advocacies.


  1. congratulations sa yo! deserving ang blog mo na mapabilang sa top 10 :)

  2. Congrats Duboy! You really deserve it :-) Merry Christmas!

  3. congratulations!!!i'm so proud of you! hindi ko man lagi sinasabi pero galing na galing ako sa mga gawa mo. taas ang aking kamay isama mo pa pati paa..hahaha....(insecure na insecure ang aking blog..waaahhhh!)

    you deserve it! masayang-masaya ako para sa'yo. yey! sabi ko na nga ba, magkakaroon ako ng kaibigan na top PEBA blogger! at nagkatotoo din ang aking 'fearless forecast' na ikaw ang panalo sa best blog entry!!!!yippeeee!!!!! :-)

    grabeh! baka naman hindi na ako makatulog nito sa saya! hahaha....i'm really happy for you....kahit di mo pa nga sinulat dito, alam ko namang it means a lot to you ang pagkilala ng PEBA sa iyong kakayahan. :-)

    sana wag kang magbago at wag mo akong kakalimutan. (ngayong sikat ka na!) hahaha....cia nga pala, salamat sa iyong treat!!!sana lagi kang may award. hehe.

    congrats ulit fren! i will always be your 'faithful' fan! :-)

  4. congrats landlord :)

  5. Habol ako =) Congrats, congrats =)

    Ako din, I see your blog as very much OFW-focused, panalong panalo on a total blog level. Tapos nandun talaga yung emotion in every post. Kahit di ako lagi nag-cocomment, lagi ako nagbabasa ng mga posts mo. Fan ba =)

    Sana merry and blessed ang new year ng family mo =)

    (Syanga pala, saan kayo sa 31st? kami either sa dalawang Burj manunuod ng fireworks -- Al Arab or Khalifa)

  6. chico, now ko lang uli nakita ang blog mo and am very much happy that you are into writing again . . . kinda missed your write-ups months ago but i was able to browse almost all of it just tonight . . . hope to hear more ideas from you in the coming days and congratulations, you truly deserved the award