Sunday, September 26, 2010

OFW's Got Talent

Filipinos are born talented. We excel in almost all conceivable forms of human abilities, be it good or bad. Our skills and knowledge of everything has put our name in countless record books and in the annals of human achievements both astonishing and embarrassing. We are champions in singing. We are unbeatable in the boxing ring. We reign in the dancefloor. We exhibit deep passion for acting. Our artists are world class and our craftmanships are uniquely incomparable. We can turn simple things to art and create something useful out of tin cans, plastic straws, candy wrappers and rusted metals. Talent as is.

Sadly, these are not the only things that we do best. We are also masters of forgery, corruption and embezzlement of public funds. We are so trained in hiding that we have almost perfected the art of illegal gambling, illegal logging, human trafficking, marijuana plantation and shabu laboratory. We are huge crime scene "investigators" and can easily identify someone featured as blind items. We are great jail breakers, thieves and kidnappers. And just recently, we have shown the world how good we are at shooting innocent people when a hostage situation fell to distress. It's failure of Filipino pride. Talent abused, skills used the wrong way.

As our country struggles in the unwanted the clash of pride and fraud, real talents are caught in between. Augmented by lack of domestic opportunities and the uncertainty whether our country can still back on its feet, more and more of our talented fellowmen are leaving for abroad and lending their skills, brainpower and tenacity at the service of other people. Another sad truth, home grown competencies traded for dollar remittances. Who's to blame? Well, the search for greener pasture and a bigger stage is still a choice to make.

There are talents that are meant to be seen and displayed and there are those intended to stay in utmost secrecy. OFW's talents go beyond proficiency, ethics and hardwork. OFW are great liars. We offer help to fellowmen even with empty pockets. We never say no when our family necessitates. We accomodate superior's request to spend extra hours in the office though we could hardly find time to cook diner. We are notable innovators. We originally built the "Burj Al Cupboards". We can fit 8 persons in one small room. We pioneered carlifting (car sharing). We are shielded warriors. We endure violence and pains from our employers. We persist in the job despite not receiving salary for months. We are great pretenders. We smile though are heart is aching. We go to work even when sick. We stay strong though thoughts of home is breaking our heart to pieces. We left because we loved.

The Philippines is a basket of talent. It runs in the blood. But usually, it takes somebody else to appreciate who we are and what we can do. At the end of the day, we all do come back home with high hopes that the sacrifices of our real and hidden talents have somehow produce some positive things that benefit the nation. Who would not want to videoke sing with family and friends under your own homes? Who wound not want to witness his son attend his first grade at a quality assured public school? Bet we all do. But until then, our OFWs talent remains an overseas spectacle.


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