Thursday, November 5, 2009

Heart Broken

As the sun’s countenance drowns in the sea
So the moon can shine in its borrowed glee
Clouds gave their way in forgiving ecstasy
Wind astray, lightning and thunder free

In the middle of the long and peaceful night
Your voice came whistling with enormous might
In my deep slumber and in my cold empty heart
Suddenly burnt a fire I just couldn’t fight

And the river flows endlessly to the sea
As any procession leads to church eventually
My day dreaming had gone so hurriedly
Short lived joy, never thought it would be

The days that the sun emerged brightly
The hours and seconds that passed so quickly
With all attention in you spent idly
Never mind it appeared myself stupidly

Then the sun decided to pass the day
After long hours of fun and play
The moon re-appeared in emblazoned way
So beautiful, so far, unreachable frail

Hopelessly looking at the stars in sight
Wishing it would all turn up alright
My broken piece of heart’s delight
Brave to face the sun after tonight