Saturday, October 31, 2009


As each day the sun rise
As each prays to be wise
As my baby sleep with his cries
Hearing his mama's lullabies

As the sun dries up the morning mist
As the day forgives with a subtle kiss
As the night wanders in eloquent bliss
As time travels in boundless breeze

I alone weep with my little wish
To cast my tears of fears and anguish
Not the cold wind to kiss my lips
Bu the warmth of a love's embrace

I have waited long and for so long
The days had passed to years and gone
Hopeless intimated toy balloon
Scared to fly and soar abandon

An incredible voice then came along
Out of no where to play a song
My world stumbled and my sight drawn
What couldn’t happen happened and I'm away blown

With all the years and days that passed
Of finding love that never was
The pain of solitude is freed at last
Here to stay, I hope, our match

Each day now the sun hugs west
I see the moon shines at its best
I couldn’t ask for more or less
With you, with you, I'm gratefully blessed.

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