Wednesday, May 5, 2010

To Whom Much is Given, Much is Expected

I came across this phrase one time while i was watching the telecast of the 2007 Emmy Awards. The show was giving honor to those television programs whose phenomenal success has enabled them to reach out far beyond the boob tube entertaionment. One show that was recognized for that higher purpose was the spin off of American Idol called Idol Gives Back, the top rating American show fund raising extravaganza thats featured performances of its past winners and finalists. The proceeds from the show were used to help children and young people in extreme poverty in the U.S. and in Africa. It was the Idol's way of sharing its success to those who have made the show enjoyed tremendous viewerships all through out its season runs.

Right there in front of the television set, I was kinda raised three feet above my seat. I am not alone. I am not carrying a burden. I am not living my life in vain. More than paying it forward when someone does you good and Spidey theme with great powers come great responsibility, it is truth lending to the timeless biblical truth that to whom much is given, much is expected. An individual who has been blessed by any means, like by earning support from other people, being gifted with good upbringing, great in born talents or physical wealth, making good a shot at once in a lifetime opportunity or simply being on top of his chosen field of endeavor, has the inherent responsibility to share to those less blessed and pay back those people whom he owe his way of success.

If only I had realized this earlier in life, it wouldn't have been that hard growing up and understanding why things have always have to be like this and why i have always have to do this and do that. You see, in my family, I was the only one whos lucky enough to finish schooling and to have that chance to land a decent job. So the responsibilities to support my family have rested in my shoulder since then. When I was still in school, whenever there's quiz competitions, I would always be the school representative and everybody's expecting me to bring the gold medal. Back then, I have found it a little unfair to live up to the pressure. I was thinking, if this was the price I have to pay for the gift of knowledge, then I'd rather be braindead.

Life is never fair and not all men are created equal. Some are born with a silver platter and others have to work their way out of poverty. Some are born with great talents and others have to be contented with their pretty faces. To whom a little much is given, a little more is expected. God won't give us cross we cannot bear. Great tasks are given to those with big hearts enough to make a difference in other people's lives.

Now I realized more than ever how good it feels when you give back and being able to share what is shared to you. Its bitter sweet especially if the road you travelled has been long and muddy. Only it is essential to note that we live with purpose, far apart from achieving our own. Succes is never personal and it has never been the end, it is only a means of achieving a higher purpose to which a meaningful existence would equate to.

American Idol has proven to be one of the most successful show on the planet and its find raising efforts have served its purpose beyond loud screams and glitter lights. Spiderman's powers have been regarded as a curse for it have sidelined its personal happiness but its the same powers that have kept peace and justice to his community. I have been blessed with the gift of knowledge anchored with some respectable talents. The road to a better life could be long and winding, but a will try my best to be of help to my family and loved ones no matter what it takes.

We don't have to be "successful," only valuable.

We don't have to make money, only a difference,

and particularly in the lives society counts least and puts last
-William Sloane Coffin



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