Saturday, July 12, 2008


It's probably the most horrible thing that has ever happened to my family. It's a bad dream that we hoped we could have easily recovered from. It's a sad luck I wished had never occurred. It was my sister's wedding, an unwanted and agonizing prelude to a disturbing family life. I am not trying to be mean and improperly concerned here; I am just out flowing the very source of some of my family's most heartbreaking ordeals.

My sister's wedding wasn’t something that we have embraced with open arms. Much to our detest, it has cause my mother gallons of tears since their engagement. During the wedding, we were barely represented. Why shouldn't we? It was her wedding, not ours. It was her man, not ours. When my sister met then guy for the first time, she went with him and she never came back home. We were the last to know that she's already runaway with someone we wished we've known. He was a total stranger and she was a total shame.

Before that unfortunate event, at least for us, my sister has already been a pain in the ass. She never finished schooling, that being the case, I assumed might have caused her to never dream big and be of help to my parents. She's always out of the house and when confronted, she would always talk down to my mother. She has given my mother enough heartaches. We could not stop her. Sometimes we wished she gets married if that's the only way to domesticate her. We have no idea that it would come sooner than we thought. We were unprepared.

My mother went hysterical the night that she did not come home. She aptly looked for her and called all her friends if they knew anything about her whereabouts. When news broke that she was seen in the guy's house in a nearby barangay, my mother rushed to them and convinced her to come back home. She's willing to accept her after all that has happened. But she wouldn't. She clung to her man as if they had known each other for the longest time. My mother was all cried out in pain and betrayal. Her daughter was marrying a guy we barely even know and I bet she doesn't know him enough as well. She might have gotten sore of my mother's constant lecturing. She was looking for an escape and she was probably blinded by the guy's words.

We would have been proud and happy if she's getting married to a decent guy, with stable job and a little pleasing personality. Unfortunately, there is nothing redeeming in the side of his character. His hideous, alcoholic and one jobless freak who depends upon his parents for all his needs. He comes from family of stubborn japayukis and mentally troubled clan. She was terribly blinded, by love? I don’t know for sure. Maybe the dark lights that characterized traditional barangay dance parties where they were supposed to have met.

After they got married, I could still hear my mother cried once in a while. She couldn’t contain her hurt in the same way that I couldn’t contain my hate. If there are people who felt bad about it, I was one of them. Not that I couldn’t accept that she has gotten married, what I could accept is the fact that she has tied the knots with someone who's so disrespectful. Someone whom I could not be a friend to. They rarely visited the house right after, thank God. One less mouth to feed, one less soul to worry.

Living their own separate lives, we thought would spare us of their usual feud. True enough, they have never bothered us of anything. Maybe they were trying to prove that they can survive a happy life even without our blessings. But everything changed when they bore their first child. Though my family's dislike for the couple hasn't completely died down, our love for the baby was absolutely devoid of any hatred and denial. We thought that his birth has nothing to do with how we deal with his parents. Gradually my family's not so pleasant relationship with the two has perished like a fading candle light, all because of the baby whose innocence has brought us to be humble and forgiving. Since then, they would always pay a visit to our house every weekend, all because my parents want to see and play with their first grandchild.


  1. "Accepted" na pala.

    Nakaka-relate ako sa kwentong ito. Buti nauna ka nang isulat ito, hindi ko na kailangang gawin ang sarili naming istorya. Magkahawig, sa ngayon "Unacceptable" pa rin ang sa amin.

    Ito talagang blogging, kayang-kayang buklatin ang mga pahina ng buhay ko. Kahit nagko-comment lang ako.

  2. ohhhhhh man!
    Exactly the same story as with my family..
    only that they were'nt married yet but they do have a son now.. He is also the first born grandchild of my parents and so the hatred all went away when the child was born..
    anong magic kaya meron tong mga batang ito? kahit ako, love na love ko talaga ang baby... hehehe
    he's like my younger brother, because i never had a brother in my life...
    My eldest sister is an achiever though.. she graduated NUrsing with flying colors but it all banished when she got infauted to a security guard in their hospital....
    interesting, right?
    now, she works in a call center like I do.. but her dreams of going abroad are still being pushed through..
    as for her, DREAMS DELAYED ARE NOT DREAMS DENIED. So we all never say die... heheheh

    thanks for sharing..
    made me very emotional right now.. ;(

  3. *vanished


  4. acceptance... world peace po. MAbigat sa loob ang ganyan. let go

  5. hmmm...

    thanks for sharing this personal memoir...

    anyway, your mother don't deserve that kind of pain. hays... the kind inflicted by your sister...

    pero ganun tlaga kapag magulang. tatanggapin at tatanggapin nila ang anak kahit ano pang nagawa nila..hays...

    peace out!