Monday, April 28, 2008

The Past Doesnt Define the Future

Im leaving for Dubai in days and a friend of mine gave me a book so that she said i could keep myself busy while i am waiting for work. Honestly after schooling i have lost the zest and endurance to read books. I terribly love to write but i could not stand reading. Beside, back in time when i stiil enjoyed reading, i digged up mostly encyclopedias, travel magazines, arts and history books. Novels, non fictions and inspirational materials have never caught my interest as i dont dwell much with dramatic moments and feasting on somebody elses' lives. I've got my own world and tales of somebody elses' triumphs or tragedies. whether true or fictional, were the least that i have needed.

Anyway, going back to the book that my friend gave me, it is entitled "Your Past Doesnt Define Your Future". From the title alone, you can deduce that its gonna be not so happy and humorous but rather gripping, dramatic and uplifting. True enough, the book recounts how the author himself was sexually abused as a child, how he has turned into a sex addict. The book also shares how he has healed his wounds, overcame his past and built success on the failures of his life. Wow! Thats what you can call life changing. Did it revive my passion for reading? Not really. Actually, i just read the first three chapters and the last. Though this blog entry borrows its theme heavily on the books ultimate message, this doensnt mean that it has changed the way i see books of such genre.

If there's one consolation that has captured my interest, it is its universal theme. Proving once again, based on the author's own experiences, that that we have in the past doesnt exactly define what the future has instore for us. We may have taken the hardest, darkest and horrifying ordeals in life but such sad experiences are not the determining factors of who we are gonna be later on. for all our sins, for all our shortcomings and for all our frustrations, someone up there is watching us, ready to forgive and guide us until we are healed. He'll gives us the power to change and reddem ourselves and to likewise forgive those who have hurt us.

All that we are can be changed if we believe and let Him wash away ous tears, our fears and our frustrations. Luck is always around the corner. Love moves in mysterious ways. Life is always full of surprises. The past doesnt defines what we are gonna be in the future. The future is what we do today, what we want today. Faith in God and faith in oneself is necessary to achieve the kind of life we aspire to have. Life could always take a ful turn. It is not necessarily education that could fuel one's flight to success, a lot of our successful entrepreneurs havent even gone to school, its the skill, perseverance and the hard work that make the big difference. Two people from quarreling families could fall in love and seek refuge in each other's arms. You might be a sinner to the fullest, but its not possibel that one day you'll be a preacher and a living testament of how great God's love can be.

Today is the tommorow of the yesterday that we are worried about. Dwelling in the past wouldn't be worth it afterall. The author of the book anyway is Bo Sanches, popular evangelist, writer and father of two kids.


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