Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sorry, Love

Days to go and the month of February is almost gone, but here I am clueless, struggling to find something interesting to blog about. Well you might say, I shouldn’t be looking anywhere farther, February is supposed to be the love month. And as the film “Shakespeare in Love” vehemently lauded, love is the only inspiration. Sad to say, I don’t know love at all.

I feel so uninspired this time. Oh maybe I am so overwhelmed by the countless heartaches that I found that I have felt naïve of the true and beautiful thing that is love. Maybe the inevitable problems that I face have blocked the way for this wonderful feeling that is love. Maybe I am so fascinated by the fantastic world I created that I have lost sight of the true ones that I already have.

Sorry Love. I am so contained in my profoundness and convention that I have not paid you my dues. I apologize for all the chances you gave that I never took. I ask for forgiveness for all the times you tried to be close but I stay away from you. I am down on my knees and humbled, that after all my ignorance and indifference, you always find a way to get through even the hardest of my emotions.

Next time you come knocking at my door, I'll never let you go.


  1. wow!! i was blog hopping and found your site!! i'm so glad coz i've been searching for somebody who's from dubai also...blogging!! cool!!

    about your blog post...next tym somebody knocks at your door...ako na yon EB tayo!! hahaha! lol

  2. Naks!!! ang galing ng pagkasulat...

    tiyak ko malapit na siayng kakatok sa pintuan ng puso mo.

    Good Luck...

  3. i just hope LOVE will be at your doorsteps soon, so you'll have to share what else you've got within you. :)