Friday, May 13, 2011

Making Everyday Life a Celebration


Life is a gift from God and that very fact is more than enough to cherish, rejoice and transform the flow of everyday moments into a celebrated one. There is no need for a holiday or a special occasion to necessitate a celebration. For by celebration means deeper than an event of festivities and merry-making, it is the internal experience of us in the moment that leaves a long lasting imprint on our psyche. Whether we are experiencing the beauty of the sunset, the blossoming of a flower, the pain of losing a loved one, the magic of love, the crying of a baby, the sting of harsh words, of soul-crushing boredom or the thrill of accomplishment, what we can learn if we fully engage ourselves in these moments can forever affect our sense of being.

The little and frequently unnoticed occurrences, unfolding before our eyes, are just waiting to be unraveled. If we will just open ourselves to the fullest sensory experience of it, we know and recognize these moments are special. The acceptance and appreciation that every second we spend on this earth is an opportunity to explore and understand ourselves and our lives in the context of family, friends, relationships and work is the key towards embracing a whole new perspective of positive thinking that will enable us to see how these moments, building layer upon layer, is creating the unique individuals that we are.

The source of constant happiness, aside from Divine faith, is accepting life as it comes – be it good or bad. Life, after all, is about not knowing, but taking and celebrating moments and making the best out of it. In this high-tech and fast-paced environment, absence of material biases does not necessarily constitute an excuse to celebrate. The larger life is not determined by the size of a bank account, the prefixes and suffixes attached to a name, the stamp on a passport or by lengthy resumes, it is in the focus we bring to the simple moments of our everyday lives and our willingness to share that happiness to those whose lives we touch.

Yes, life sometimes maybe synonymous to tension, cruelty and desolation, but the truth is, much of this stress is of our own creation augmented by our own actions and misdeeds. We feel jealous of others. We also go on increasing our wants and desires. We try to amass wealth and indulge in corrupt practices to satisfy out unquenchable thirst for fame and power. These tendencies hinder our chance to celebrate and waste a lot of our positive energies, energies which we should have been used celebrating priceless moments – playing with our kids, savoring the taste of our mother’s home cooked meals, enjoying our office works and just simply looking through the eyes of our beloved while listening to our favorite lullabies.

Celebrating the daily moments of our lives will carry us through its joys and adversities. It will provide us with what is of true value about our individual and collective existences. Making everyday life a celebration is making ourselves aware of who we are, of what we have and of being grateful for every moments where lessons can be learned, friends can be made and happiness can be shared. There is no better time to celebrate and be aware of how life can be so wonderful but with the everyday that kisses our mornings. After all, our life is just a borrowed gift, and we never know, when it will be taken back.


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