Thursday, July 7, 2011

3 Decades Later

Where will I be if I die today? Will my deeds merit me a place in heaven? Will I be remembered as a responsible person, a trusted friend or a perennial bully? Will there be anyone crying? Nobody knows exactly how long we will walk this earth. There is no certainty as to whether tomorrow will bring happiness or sorrow, much less a guarantee that we will still be here to witness our sons become fathers or see our daughters fulfill their great ambitions.

Life is only good until the last drop. Do what makes you happy and do what makes your mama proud. I mean by the latter that we should think beyond our personal happiness. Life's worth is sweeter when measured by the overflow. Aside fr
om the nice car, the latest celfone model and fabulous outfits, what else do we make that benefit the others? Apart from the parties, the movies and night outs, what else do we engage in that profit the majority?

At 30+, I have nothing in my bank account. After fourteen years of education and that means fourteen years of hardships, headaches and heartaches, after seven years of working in the Philippines, after even a hefty retirement and a chaotic personal life, I am now here in Dubai working as some casual employee. This is not to say that the years that I have spent in the Philippines have gone to waste. The fact of the matter is that I was able to build a decent house for my family solely from my earnings, all the while I was supporting their basic necessities and providing myself with things for little comfort and pleasure.

Ever since I started working, I have assumed a responsibility greater that I possibly could. I have tried my very best to provide all that they family needs. Sometimes I would give more than what I have received and so I have to make extra efforts to cut my personal spending. I need not mention all that I have sacrificed in this life because no amount of reciprocation could compensate for the chance and life that I have been given.

3 decades later and I would say that I have fared enough. I have been more than a good son, a caring brother, a loyal friend and a winner in my own right. From a humble beginning, I have withstood the challenges of time. I have conquered mountains and crossed rivers. Nobody knows what I have been through and no single person in this world could tell me that I am a failure.


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