Thursday, January 1, 2015

As Time Turns A Year Older

there's a theory about time, that it is not time that passes us by,
 but we are the ones that are walking through it...

Have you ever wondered how old time is? Have you ever asked yourself when time immemorial really got started? Has the existence and tangibility of time ever crossed your mind? Scientist believe the Earth is over 2 billion years old and the bible, further on this, states that God had created the world and the universe though it never mentions when. The concept of God and time is one and the same. You can't see them by your eyes but you can feel their presence. It's a blur like a rainbow to dog but is is as real and as tangible as the chair you are sitting in. 

 As another year folded up, sure you have devoted some time to reflect on how the past year has been. Proof of that would be the numerous blog entries where you tried to recall all the things, big and small that have made the last 365 days a banner or a bore. And almost everyone have their resolutions for things unsettled in the past year and revolutions for things to make better in the following year. Our assessment mostly centered on how we have done things our way and how much has been added or taken away from the lives that we have been building for the past years. 

Undoubtedly, successes would inspire us more while failures would glued our feet to the ground sanguine that we could leap higher the next time. Our review will be generally quantitative. How much is added to our bank account, how many more countries are stamped on the passport. How many have we lost in the family and how much more is set aside for business investments. There would be emotions as well, but mostly are precedent of something that happened before. You just don't feel happy because you want to feel happy or be sad simply because you feel like crying. You were happy because you just had finished your college and you were joyful because you just had given birth to your first child. You were sad because you had just lost somebody you loved or felt sorry because the business you put up didn't do quite well as expected. Beyond the borders of our personal realms, we never really care much about anything. It's always what happened to us in the past year that mattered and that which we tried to ponder on - what we have achieved, what we have needed, what we have gained and what we have lost. 

Have you ever spared a thought for your neighborhood or the people on the other side of the globe? Have you ever thought of Mother Nature or the world itself? Have it ever occurred to you to think about what have you done to time or what somebody else would have wanted to happen and not just ours? We are not alone in this world. Its vastness and infinity is incomprehensible and that leaves me wondering how could we afford to think of what happened to ourselves on the past year when there's a bigger world outside of what our eyes could see. As another year folded up, volumes of human induced and natural tragedies and calamities are happening, earthquakes and typhoons are getting stronger, there is terrorism, there's imminent war over land claims, there are missing planes, not to mention the world's fast depleting natural resources and the changing yet catastrophic climatic patterns. It's not an order but a call that maybe, just maybe for one second we could take a moment to reflect on what we have done to the world and what we have made out time. 

 Time that passed is history. As another year folded up, another episode in history is written. If time could talk, surely it would convey his satisfaction or displease for what we have made out of him. If time has a face, he would be a friend who never says no, someone who always turn himself in to give us something we can use in whatever way we want. Time has given us gold. Time heals our wound. Time has given us space when we need to be alone. Time has never argued no matter how we spent him. Time has been more than generous. When people say they don't have time, it's totally ungrateful when the problem actually is that they try to do so many things all at the same time. But time can never talk down to us because we can only feel its presence. He is never ahead of us. He always carry us through no matter where we are at. 

 As time turns a year older, shouldn't only be fitting that we give him back a part of what he has unselfishly given us to reflect on whether we have pleased him or not, setting aside how much or how less we have pleased ourselves. Time has watched us all year long as we spent him according to our will and decisions. He hasn't said a word though only time can tell. We have always acted that way and sometimes, when things go wrong, we try to put the blame on someone else. But who else wouldn't want to have a year full of successes, sweet smiles and loud victories? Time, unarguably, would want to have just as much as we do. Who would want to have war, government corruption, environmental degradation and moral descent forming part of their recent past? Sure you don't. Time either. 

The concept of God and time is one and the same. You can't see them by your eyes but you can feel their presence. It's a blur like a rainbow to dog but is is as real and as tangible as the chair you are sitting in. As another year unfolds, let it me a guide that someone is watching and walking with us. As time starts a new year, let it be a reminder that if we do good, He is ultimately the one to feel proud and pleased for the time he has given us hasn't gone to vain. Let us this time think more than what we want for ourselves to happen but consider if the same will be pleasing, faithful and something that would make someone up there feel good about. After all, we never really own our TIME, it is HIS.

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