Saturday, December 1, 2012

Despicable Me

December. It's the season to be jolly bitchy.
It’s another long weekend in Dubai, normally during these times; I just stay in the house and cut off all ties synonymous to bliss. If I am not drowning myself within the limitless bounds of the cyber universe, I am sulking in one corner, feeling pathetic, wondering how some people below my level are able to be happy and I’m not despite my excesses.  Oh well, when you come to think of it though, they are not actually good excesses; my oversized brain, innate talents, mounting pride, work experiences and finally, a bloated idea of myself. They are too heavy they always let me down. I bet not all would be interested to come close to this kind of guy, inferiority is inevitable. Having known that, I shouldn’t be wondering at all. Until such time I burst that bubble in my head, then this grim, forlorn and desolate room is where I rightfully belong.

Yesterday saw Dubai’s pavements flooded as rain poured heavily for half the day, a not so cool way of ushering in the winter. Be that as it may, it still was a welcome sight and feeling to experience rain in this part of the world where the sun seems to shine all year round and temperatures, at some point, can be so unforgiving.  Yes! It’s officially the season to bring those jackets and boots out of the closet. Don’t you just love it when even the lowliest of kabayan sports that winter get-up as if the snow has fallen in the Sahara? But undeniably, it is the Chinese ladies along Rigga who win hands down the fashion award for the seasons best dressed.  Coupled with those chinky eyes, those waxed faces, those brazen legs and those tiny little holes, the Chinese are definitely commercial establishments on its own and Dubai people are loving it.
Nowadays, Facebook has evolved to become a pivotal society where people even from worlds apart converge and seek meaning to their life existence. With all the changes social media has brought upon this age where honesty and privacy seems to have lost its essence, I kind of miss the good old days, those times when we manually write letters to our dear loved ones from abroad, those times when photos have to be developed to be able to share with friends and those times when news aren’t actually new and people pays respect to individual’s confidentiality. Today, people have exploited social media to great bounds and unknowingly share more than what they are supposed to tell. Don’t you just hate it when people wash their dirty linens in public? Or how someone’s revelation can ruin somebody else’s reputation? How about those who wants to tell the world all the places they’ve been during the day, top it off with a check in at their crib? Isn’t it disgusting?
Facebook has also provided the platform where people have murdered the English language. “I am worry” reads a wall post and I was suddenly worried for him. How about those anecdotes depicting a mother – daughter scene complete with location, characters and dialogue and the ending always uphold how brilliant the kid is? Don’t you also feel irritated when a couple almost every day post a picture of them together as if they have never had their honeymoon ages ago?  It is sweet yes but that’s overly cheesy it’s turning out sour. Call me bitter, call me green, but these forms of expression really is annoying and somehow disrespectful of others. Can they even think for a moment how the loveless would feel seeing them lip locking and glued to each other? Sorry, I am just trying to justify my own helplessness when it comes to love and finding that happy ever after.  
I’m on a diet and been trying to jog nightly to reduce the excess fats I’ve accumulated since I started my eight hour cubicle job two years back. That’s the price of corporate life –sitting your ass while the brain does the job. Getting big and heavy seems unavoidable with this set-up unless efforts are exerted to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. I remember, I used to look down at people who are fat and it wouldn’t be me if I will just ignore them without making fun of it. Now that fate seems to be moving to the opposite direction, I am not ready yet to brave the same rejections and embarrassment I used to compliment these voluntary misfortunes. Getting fat is not on my vocabulary! It’s a loser manifestation. It would be a huge slap on my face if I’ll let this happen and I am aware.

It’s December. T’was fast! I just turned year old with my present company and just like that, I didn’t even seem to have saved a part of what I earned the whole year. Where have all the dirhams gone? That’s why I feel envious of others. How can they afford to buy all those new gadgets and travel to at least some parts of the world considering their salaries? Don’t they eat or do they engage in some other job apart from their regular posts? My salary as a CPA is fair enough to survive a family but I am single. Do the math. I am little lost.

I am good guy but can be bad at times. Or is it the other way around?

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