Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Realized

For us Filipinos, it’s been customary that we inculcate the value of education to our children at such young age. Early on, we were taught to aspire and mold our individual dreams of what and who we want to be in the future. What do you want to be when you grow up is asked of all Little Miss Philippines candidates. Your ambition in life is surely not to be missed when filling up a friend’s slam book. Bibo kids will always captivate you when they mention in almost platitude why they want to be like this and like that when they grow up. Long before college, we already have in mind an idea of what road to take and what decision to make. But does that really help?

When I was five years old, I already had shown some inclination and passion for the arts. My handwriting is exceptional and I could virtually draw anything without copying from another’s work. I had a vivid imaginations and my enthrallment with animations has propelled my credence that someday I am gonna be an architect, a graphic artist or anyone that has to do with arts and creativity. Sixteen years later, I had not made a career out of my talent. I took up Accountancy and became a CPA, an absolutely boring job though at least well compensated compared to other profession. Now I realized why God led me to this way, maybe He wanted me to be more of help to my family than to myself.

For seven years in the Philippines, I have worked as an office slave, eight hours a day doing a routine job or nothing at all, then I resigned. The many months that I have worked as such has cradled me and my family financially. The many valuable lessons that I have equipped myself with during my stay, though terse and ephemeral, is something truly to make me proud and desired. I quit my job hoping more fruitful opportunities are waiting outside. I realized that no matter how hard I tried to make both ends meet, it just wouldn't suffice and I needed to earn more.

Dubai is a perfect office, at least for the salary part. Beyond that, it’s a tedious battle with luck and sometimes misfortune. Some people would earn more in doing less or in most cases happening to OFWs, working themselves to death till they are worth their last fils pay. You have to work with people from other nations and work away from loved ones. The melancholy of being far away from home, the indifference in dealing with other people and lack of personal fulfillment with work all at the same time made me realized that an OFW life is a sacrifice from the very beginning.

For more than six years, I have worked for one company in the Philippines, at a not so enviable remuneration but I did last that long probably because I had liked what I was doing. I was happy with work and doing my job made my day complete not just as an employee but as a person. Then I realized, it takes a balance between financial and personal satisfaction to persist in one job. I realized that it’s not really all the money that matters unless you enjoy what you are doing. It should meet halfway. Sometimes what keeps us more contented is the one that close to the heart than that which is inside the pocket.

My dream as a child to become an architect had never come to fruition. Then I realized that dreams don’t always come true though you might be dreaming for it for the longest time. They are subject to availability, to funding and to revisions. My work as an accountant here in Dubai is well compensated, but truthfully is, making my head blunt as ever. I realized that to be happy with work and with life in general, it’s not all the money that counts. The aphorism, man should not live by bread alone.


  1. You are gifted, Chico! Magaling sa drawing, 'profession' ang numbers, at 'hobby' ang letters and words! Sigurado proud ang nanay mo sa 'yo.

  2. @RJ

    thanks rj.ofws are talented. and thats you and me included. hows down under, been planning to apply na rin papunta jan.

  3. i agree that sometimes kung ano yung pangarap mo minsan mailap ang swerte sayo. Maraming beses na rin akong nabigo i lost my self steem but pinilit ko parin tumayo. No matter what other says, what matter most my family is always their to support my dreams and aspiration.