Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Finding Christmas

It's November in Dubai, but I could hardly feel the winter breeze touch my skin as I flaunt outside the unadorned veranda of our house. All I can feel is the dry thin slice of air, literally breathtaking, whispering softly that I have yet to be home. There are lights, bright at each lamp posts, a testament to this city's rich energy source, but none blink or twinkle with colors to lure your attention and be reminded that christmas hangs just around the corner. There are no joyous music, but Muslim prayers recited at intervals within the day. Every thing that I see, the people, the places, the happenings don't remind me that Christmas is still far, but rather it is,just far away.

10 PM. I was looking at the distant and faceless moon.I was wondering the sight he sees up there. Is he enjoying the vastness of his view of earth or is he feeling the same emptiness I have right this moment? I was not sure if he's looking down on me or even listening to what I was saying. It's granted, he would forever be the light that shines when no one cares and when every soul is sleeping. I closed the door of the unadorned veranda. I put down the curtains on the glass window so I won't get disturbed by the slightest shade of his reflection. The room was cold. I slipped through the thick blanket and hide my head beneath the pillows. Thoughts of home haunted my psyche for the moment. I missed my family. The room was cold but the chill didn't bring any joyous spirit, it's the coldness that chilled the spirit making you feel so all alone

I was wide awake underneath the thick blanket. The room was dark and cold, so did I. I got out of bed and headed downstairs. The lights were out and the temparature at the living room was much colder. No one's home? I pressumed everyone's already sleeping. I turned on the television. Imortal's showing. I felt a little scare thinking about vampires and werewolves. I switched channel. I turned on the lights. Indeed, I wasn't home. There was nothing indicative of any special things to come. Two ornate chandeliers hang in the ceilings and the usual stuff you would find in the place where people mostly hang out. Every thing that I see, the people, the places, the happenings don't remind me that Christmas is still far, but rather it is, just far away.

I went back to my room. Wore a jeans, took my keys, wallet and a brisk thought of finding and bringing home Christmas. I went out of the house. There in a nearby medium-size supermarket, I found what I was exactly looking for. It should have been awkward for a guy to do this but excitement and anticipation got the best of me. After I paid for the stuff. I took the taxi and hurried home. I assembled each part and pieces, arrange neatly the leaves, hang around the lights and the various decors. I moved some things to give it the best floor space. Before midnight, another set of lights found its way in our living room and into my hearts. It's my very first and personalized Christmas tree.

Midnight fell and I should be resting for tomorrow's work. The room was dark and cold. I removed the curtains out of the window and from where I was lying, I could see the moon shines half in its own glory. No more bad feelings. I know when I woke up in the morning, our tall Christmas tree in the living room would remind me that Christmas is no longer far away, as it has always been residing deep in our hearts.


  1. when i was in dubai. lungkot na lungkot ako dahil never ako'ng nakapagcelebrate ng pasko with my family :(

  2. uy galing ka na pala dito. ganun talaga sanayan lang yan. kung walang pamilya, sa friends na lang maki partey parte!

  3. Celebrating personal Christmas, had it give you excitement or you became bored? I can’t celebrate any event alone.