Friday, October 22, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust

"The Philippines is the perfect incubator of world class talents and skills.
The sad thing is, it kinda ends right there."

When I left the Philippines in 2008 to work abroad, I was dead certain my footprints wouldn't be the last of the many Filipino professionals' dream of seeking fortune outside of our beloved country. The premise is not that the sun shines less on the Orient's pearl, only that somewhere else, the sun shines even brighter. Dubai, literally, is where it happens. Aside from the scorching sun, it is the golds, gadgets and the garage of jobs available even for tourists that makes it the glittering place to be for Filipinos looking for overseas employment without the complexities of OWWA processed placements. When I left the Philippines, I just didn't leave home and a family, I left a promising job with San Miguel, I left my friends, I left a heart that knew exactly what would make myself feel happy.

Two years passed.
A colleague followed the same path. Meet Jules.

We were hired by San Miguel Corporation as Financial Analysts in 2001
. He resigned in 2005 to join Deutsche Bank with a better salary and hope of putting some international appeal to his already beefed up resume. Not so badly, he was sent to London in 2008 for a work related training - something that actually enticed him to join DB and leave Miguel's lovingly intoxicating arms. Shortly after, he quit DB after a 4 year stint and jumped over to an an even bigger bank who goes by the name "World Bank" - a institution everybody would die to get into. By charm, by luck, by know-how or by full moon, I really don't know how he's been getting all those great jobs amidst an ocean of qualified Filipino professionals. But one thing's for sure, he's been working all his life to help his family and achieve his personal dreams.

When I had my Philippine vacation last June, I was surprised to know that Jules' jobless. I know it would take a mammoth reason for him to give up such a rewarding job with World Bank but asking him why, I felt would be inappropriate. Suffice to say, this guy deserved a placement knowing he's hardworking enough and he has a dream to fulfill. Actually, he has a lot of offers from other companies, only that this time, he's weighing on getting an overseas job. During our get together with other ex-officemates, he seemed to have been encouraged by my stories - that the Philippines is no good enough for professionals like us, that Dubai could offer something bigger and better. While interview calls for local jobs plagued his phone, he set his sight on the high desert, where dust incredibly built towering sand castles.

One month after I came back to Dubai, Jules informed me thru Facebook that he's been hired by a Dubai company thru a local recruitment agency. It was great good news knowing that. His decision to ignore local job offers has paid off and finally, the "Dubai thing" is coming his way. He's about to wear the "OFW" hat with a "heroes" tag written all over it. Jules found a better luck than most Dubai OFWs who came on tourist visas as he's hired directly from the Philippines. As such, he wouldn't have to shoulder visa costs, air tickets, medical and various government fees. Not to mention, he's getting a sure job compared to Filipinos coming on visits where the job placements loom with almost uncertainty.

Jules arrived in Dubai midnight exactly a month ago. He reported for work on his first morning with no jetlags, no separation anxiety, no hang-ups but all excitement and determination. He knows a great journey lies ahead and he's taking one step at a time. He is living with me in the same house. He comes home late at night due to massive workloads but he ain't complaining. On weekends, he tried to acquaint himself more with Dubai, honestly right this time, he has already visited more places in Dubai than I did. He also managed to call on his family weekly aside from his nightly Facebook updates. From what I can see, he's enjoying Dubai and every pieces of it. This early too, he's already planning to send his first balikbayan box. Mobile fones, PSPs and similar gadgets are stuff he's planning to gift his nephews, parents and family members.

Come month end. He's sending his first remittance, among other things. He definitely is here to stay. Another professional individual molded in the Philippines but turned out useful for another nation's drive for progress. Wattudu Yanie? It's not really dust that's we're biting on, but gold. Sadly, gold is tough, it makes one lose a tooth.


  1. Hey I known just now we're speaking the same language. Yung nga lang, i would want to feel younger po, hehe, kasi i just had that title this year =)

    I wish Jules a great Dubai experience ahead...

  2. @Gremliness

    hello gremly mom! thanks for dropping by. accountant din po.

    jules is enjoying every bit of dubai.

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  4. @Anonymous

    hehehe, 27 lang dati waistline ko. si juls dati nang chubby looking since birth.

  5. Jules is the epitome of how the best & the brightest are leaving the Philippines to find their niche in the higher paying professional market of a global financial city like Dubai. A true "hero" and OFW indeed who is enjoying Dubai and every pieces of it. Goodluck Jules and on your first balikbayan box send-off to Pinas!

  6. This is quite inspiring... Wish I could follow the footsteps of Jules, from SMC to DB to Financial Shared Service Co. and hopefully to Dubai. All these years I've been aiming to work in a place where the Sun shines even brighter.

    Btw, wish you both well and God Bless!

  7. Julius pa send ng PSP sa Bautista =P

  8. Hi Sam and Jules,

    Guys, no plans of going to Australia? Lots of SMBD buddies are in there right now... There doing great in there right now. Vince, Ramil, Nympha, (mindanao fa's) Rommel and Jerame... so why not try there - you could also get a better job plus state retirement fund someday...

    Hope you'll also consider it, you're still young...

    See you,


  9. @Anonymous
    why not try, dubai is much better now than last year, marami na rin opening ulit.lalo na pag may experience and talent, sure makakahanap ka ng work kahit on visit visa lang.

  10. @Anonymous

    hi jonel,

    hows down under, been thinking also of going there, kaso dont have the idea how and where to start.

    i know mas maganda mga opportunities jan pati whether hehehe. wish mabigyan mo kami ng some pointers on how to get there.

    thanks and God bless/

  11. Hi Sam,

    Okay lang ako. Congrats nga pala sa pagkapanalo mo sa blog contest.

    Nasa US kasi ako so di ako gaanong well verse sa mga procedures papuntang Australia pero si Vincent Bienes tiyak na makakatulong sa inyo ni Julz.

    Maganda daw dun... kaya lang andito na kami sa Ohio so di na ako nag-abalang malaman ang pasikot sikot. Misis ko kasi nakakuha ng work dito sa US as Nurse so di na ako nag apply for Aussie...

    Nasa facebook siya at friends sila ata ni julz so Julz can hook you and him up with Vince.

    Sana macontact ninyo siya para malaman ninyo ang proseso... tiyak ko maraming kukuha sa inyo dun kasi dami na kayong napagtrabahoan na company aside from SMC...

    Wish you and Julz the best man!!

    Fren din nga pala kami ni Julz sa FB so invite mo ako kasi di kita makita kita eh... alam ni Julz ang alias ko sa FB for security reasons... hehehe...

    Let me know...