Thursday, November 19, 2009

Suddenly I Met Peace

Our is a small world. Such that, people that we long to see, people that we walk away from will come and cross our path sooner or later. Ours is a small world and unfortunately, revolving, inevitably, at one point, we will be in someone else’s shoes and wearing somebody else’s mask. Ours is a small world. No matter what circumstances in the past have brought us indifference and be drifted apart, more than chances and choices, time will come, in the most unexpected way, that we’ll just have to take each other’s hand, smile and move on like we had never been hurt before.

The many nights that I have prayed for genuine peace finally culminated with a heartfelt and brotherly reconciliation. Guess I don’t need to mention anything more beyond what we have said and done. I am very thankful that we have both enlightened that life is still good after all. Some things might seem to be unforgivable but who are we to deny. We all are just as humans as everyone else. The essential is to accept and say sorry. I have apologized. I have forgiven. To all the individuals that I might unknowingly hurt before, I ask for forgiveness. And I wish us all peace.


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