Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sweaky, Where Art Thou?

A loyal companion, a trusted friend, the clown of my life - that's Sweaky. I wonder where he is now.

I last saw him in early 2006. That was when our office was transferred from Ortigas to Valenzuela. It was a disappointing management decision but who were we to complain. We're just employee bound to obey whatever the force-that-be wanted. In a matter of months, the entire staff retired, including me and Sweaky.

I have met Sweaky in 2005. He was introduced to me by a friend. I brought him to the office and then he became my first ever best friend. How would I describe him? Hmm..well, he's a perenially happy guy, actually there were times I was bothered why he never gave up on always flashing that wide smile. Sometimes I thought he's getting crazy. Then I realized that it's just the way he is. Sweet. Care-free. Always ready to say hi.

When we were in the office, he liked to sit on my desk watching all the things that I do. Sometimes I got embarassed bacause he would stare at me all the time whether I was picking my nose or getting rid of those nasty and stubborn pimples. His smile was annoying at times but he knew I wasn't vain. That's what I had liked about him. He never talk down to me, not a single word. He stayed with me all the time. If I had to go overtime, he was there to join me even without any dinner or so. He hated eating, very conscious indeed.

We were really the best of friends and I was always proud to introduce him to new office comers. When we transferred to Valenzuela, he never reacted or anything. I knew deep within that he would follow me wherever I go and whatever decision I make. December 2006, I retired from office after working for more than six years. I had to leave San Miguel and every thing that I have learned while under his providing arms. Sweaky too, I know was also grateful because we have come to know each other when I was with SMC.

When I packed all my things, I left nothing but Sweaky. I was too excited that I have forgotten my one true friend. Pity me! Damned me! How could have I done that? I wasn't sure. I was so stupid. It has been three years now and I am thinking of where has he been. I have no idea. I have contacted all my friends in the Philippines if they could help me find him and they too, have not seen him. I had no one else but myself to blame. I lost him. I lost a beloved friend.

click here to see the only picture of Sweaky, with friends Froggy and Santy. In any case you see him, please do inform me, thanks.


  1. Kuya ikaw ba gumawang artwork mo sa header ng blog mo? Lufet ang ganda eh


  2. awwww ay heyt yu sherwin!
    tears about to flowing now.. hmp
    akala ko naman totoong tao...
    kainis ka!

  3. lagottttt.. anjan na si Sweaky... mumultuhin ka na.. kase naman ba't iniwan mo?

    ganon nga yata tayo.. we always wanted to find a friend na hindi nagsasalita.. nakangiti lang at nakikinig... sayang naman sya...

  4. na carried away tuloy ako..

    kasi it happend to me also a gud friend of mine since elementary, ndi na kami nag kita almost 20 yrs na..

    nice nice musta?

  5. dumaan... babalik ako mamaya... pa-link!

  6. If you have a Sweaky, I have naman my own RT (Rainbow Troll). He's been with me for 16 years now. But we're not as close as you are to your Sweaky...I guess you better start going out more often, Chico. Pati ako nahahawa sa yo (hehe!).

  7. @ kumagcow: actaully nakita ko lang yan sa internet tapos inedit ko nang bahagya. jaran, fitting heade for my blogs.

    @ yanah: cencia na yanah, yan ang tama ng sobrang init sa dubai! hehehe

    @ azel: buhay pa si sweaky, alam ko 100 millions years ang buhay niya so hindi niya ako mumultuhin, maybe yung alaala niya baka hauntingin ako..miss ko talaga siya, sarap kausapin, hindi nagrereklamo.

  8. @ ice: darating din marahil ang time na magkikita pa rin tayo ng mga iniwanan natin. sana lang pagdating ng araw na yun eh, nandon pa rin yung thought of friendship.

    im perfectly fine. sobrang blessed at happy. hope you are too.

    @ yanie: kita kits one of these days!

    @ isladenebs: me and sweaky were really close and i miss her. heheh kasi ramadan kaya di ako makalabas saka wala naman lalabasan ngayun, kaya tripping muna sa mga posts na kagaya nito!

  9. hehe, so siya pala si sweaky... di ako nagbasa eh... eto nabasa ko na... isa lang mase-say ko...

    tissue please!!!

    wawa naman si sweaky... :(