Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Running Past Your Past

Time is one thing surely to never cease to run, inconsiderate of our emotions, ambitions, affections, autonomy and even our authority. Time is irreversible and it doesn't go back to were it was before. It always moves forward and whosoever runs against it or behind it will never be able to find success. For success only comes to those who knows how to get past their past no matter how painful it is, those who live the present though nothing is at hand and those who are brave enough to face the future no matter how bleak it may seem. Success lies in the hands of those who believe that time has reserved a place for all of us. We just have to wait and believe in it.

There are moments in life which are really difficult to recover from. Sometime we try to hold on to something that is no longer there and we do not want to let it go for fear of ending up alone and miserable. The pain of losing someone you love, or even losing your job, your house or an opportunity for something to make it big could be very cursing that it could take away your will to go on. But the truth is, dwelling on your heartaches and misery could be worst and more painful. It turn us blind to the countless beauty that exist beyond our sorrows and guilt. We only see the curse and the cruelty of what happened, though in the bright side, the lessons to be learned are just waiting to be embraced.

Any change, any loss, any failings, anything in the past that made us felt down and bad do not necessarily make us victims. Yes, they can shake you, surprise you, disappoint you but they cannot prevent you from acting, from taking the situation you are presented with and moving on. No matter where you are in life, no matter what your situation is, you can always do something, you always have a choice - the choice to move on and run with time. That choice represents power - the power to overcome fear and overturn your failures to success.

The last few months that I have been living, I would say, have been upsetting if not tragic. In as much as I want to freeze time to make the bleeding stop, I just couldn't. Time hears no one, not even the smallest plea of the saddest man. I couldn't stop the time from running, but I could always choose to stop my life and no one will ever care. If I do so, I would be forever left behind in bitter memories and so are my dreams and selfless longings. And I just don't want to perish without trying and fighting till the end, so I choose to move on and run with time no matter how wounded and frail I have become. I know that as long as I got the air to breathe, I would always have the time to recover and turn where I am today to where I want to be tomorrow.


  1. go lang nang go dude. your time will definitely come. meantime. while waiting and running with time, just keep the blogs coming.

  2. that's my man . . . don't let disappointments limit you to move on, as they say, rainbow shows up after every storm. move on, strive hard and work harder to achieve whatever your goals and plans are. just don't let failures affect what you want to be , there will always be a better future in store for you . . . in God's time, just be patient and do pray and be thankful that, as what you say, you still breath the air that makes u live. cheer up and have a positive outlook in life, time will come in due time, u just have to wait

  3. sorry it should be,it (luck/better future) will come in due time

  4. don't make black as your blogs color, it attracts negativity. make it more alive and full of hope as it's what you want your life to be.

  5. Talagang napakagaling mong mag-handle ng mga situations na ganito, 'ta mo nakapagsulat ka ng ganito.

    Kailangan mong mag-gain ng weight, bro. Ingatz!

  6. In every failures that we expereince there is a bright side on it.. just keep on