Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Trouble With Hello

The trouble with hello is...goodbye.

I've still couldn't believe that you're gone. I'm still fantasizing that I could hold you in my hands, so small yet essential, cheap as obsolete, yet priceless and irreplaceable. I'm still imagining whispering to your ears my lips intimate words. I still couldn't believe that you're gone and never will ever be back. I wished it was all but a bad dream, that you are still with me, never to leave my side and always there to listen, remind and inspire. The closest thing I've got, is now a memory, unexpectedly.

Two years and two months, quite rather long if measured in days, but that's exactly the better way to remember it. For there were no days that we were not together and there were no nights that we didn't see each other. We are more than friends but partners without which life would have never been the same.You're my confidant. The first and last thing that I see each day. The only thing who knew my sweetest moments and deepest secrets, down to the minute details of it. No one else comes close.

Just when we have become closer and inseparable, just when you have already knew much about me, you had to go, without forebodings, without goodbyes. It's heartbreaking, not because of how much you have cost me but how you are to me. Now, who would read me massages? Who would listen to my heartaches? Who would write my daily diaries? Who would memorize my contacts? Who would link me to my friends, family and my job? Life would never be the same , like I had to lose half of my innate sense of direction.

We have been through tough times. I have almost lost you in several occasions before. You have survived countless falls because of my negligence and carelessness. You have withered physical stress because of my constant thumb presses. I have attempted several times to dispose you off but I just couldn't trade you for a petty sum though I was terribly in need of money. You are so valuable to me, so precious that I was willing to walk for hours and skip meals just not to let you go. You were a hero in small package. But the way you have changed my life, it's a hundred fold bigger that what my hands could grasp.

If only I knew ahead that our relationship was nearing its end, I would have shown you how much I have appreciated you for being there for me. If not for this terrible incident, I would have kept you forever. Truly, some good things never really do last. You are gone but your memories will linger. I am more than happy and blessed to have shared many things and many times with you. Wherever you maybe and to whosoever hands you have fallen into, I just wished you well. Please keep mum on all the circumstances that you might have witnessed with me. I pray that be it not used for any malicious intent.

In loving memory of my two year old mobile phone that I have lost last week on my way to a job interview.


  1. Whew! Napakamadrama naman talaga nito. bagay, nauunawaan kita, may sentimental value na kasi 'yong mobile phone mo.

    Happy new... nga pala! Bago mobile phone mo, bro? U

    May kapalit ba ang nawalang telepono, tanggap ka ba du'n sa trabaho?

  2. Nakakaasar!


    Nakakarelate pa man din ako. gusto ko sanang sabihing maraming linya yung bagay na bagay sa mga mga nangyari sa akin. tapos.. tapos. tapos...


    nakakaasar! hahaha!!

  3. wow! buti pa ung mobile phone may letter from user.. hehehe!

    kaya pala nung mabasa ko ung line na "Who would memorize my contacts?" parang naisip ko SECRETARY ba yung nawala?! only to find out na mobile pala! ahihihi...

    nice... nice...

  4. isipin mo na lang na someone else is now making new memories with him/her/it... hehe

  5. tsk...tsk..tsk...sarap ng basa ko...muntik pa akong maiyak...

    sa bandang huli, celfon lang pala un..

  6. sinasabi ko na nga ba at may catch e. lol

    nice one!

  7. Naintriga din ako..Inaabangan kong sabihin mo na ang pangalan niya..yon pala..tsk..tsk.. Anyway, sorry for your loss..

  8. langya ka. hay naku. uso nba ang ganitong type ng entry. yung tipong pinapadala ka sa simula then sa huli charing lang pala. nakaka-relate pa naman ako sa entry na ito. asar ka.

  9. wow...mahal na mahal mo talaga ang cellphone mong yun ah... move on, mate :) hehe! marami ng mas magandal models...hehe! kidding!

  10. sam.. wala na pla fone mo.. message ka na lang sa ym pag may bago ka ng number ha.. ingat lage dyan..