Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Year in the Sphere

It’s been a year since I started blogging! Happy anniversary!

To all the folks who took time to view these humble pages of my awakenings, my try-outs to see what’s beyond my fence and share what’s inside my heart, my sincerest thanks. I may not know each one of you personally, but I thank you all for trying to know a piece of me through my writings.

To all the people who might have hurt, embarrassed and annoyed directly or impliedly, no intention to do so was meant. In as much as I want not to disappoint anyone with my posts, I want to make this blog a reflection of my true self and that includes the undesirable side of me.

To all my loyal friends, I will always remember the days gone by. Keep in touch.

I started blogging in August of 2007 here in Dubai, that was the time when I left the Philippines and tried my luck in the City of Gold. I struck some carats actually but soon I realized that not all glitters’ gold. That is how I got started. I am an Accountant and mostly comfortable with numbers so I have never intended to write this blog to show how good my (trying hard) English is, though nonetheless I have found it cool and fascinating to play with words. I wanted to write basically to tell my stories, so if ever time comes that I will be judged, some will attest that I have not lived the most boring life. My life is actually one dramatic, comical, dark, scandalized and too-good-too-be-true big picture. What you discover in this blog is only the tip of the iceberg, the large chunk’s still submerged and waiting to be unraveled.

What’s with on-line blogging anyway? Prior to my descent to the online community, I have already been maintaining a personal journal of what’s happening to my life, my plans, my dreams, my heartaches, my frustrations, my escapades, etc. That was just for me and not for everyone to see. I was just too scared and awkward to let people know that someone like me existed. During that time, I had nothing and anything to brag about, only dreams and paper boats. Now things have changed slightly better compared to before. I am more confident and ready to tell the world about my enduring saga. And there can never be any better way to reach out but through the internet. Just one click and connect to a million lives.

Now I am back to Dubai, and as days of terrible misses never fail to keep me company, writing of some sort makes my nostalgic moments a little bearable. Not having too much to do during and after office hours, I make my day busy with writing and reading other people’s blogs. in this place where you could hardly find any diversion (because of the hot season), you just got to find something to avoid feeling homesick and longing. For me, exploring the blogosphere has been a very rewarding experience, not just personally because I got to outflow my emotions but because I learned a lot from other people. I have already made some friends in the blogosphere.

The earth is becoming such a small world through the internet and people from a thousand miles away feels like they are just around the corner. Even reclusive people, have made their voices heard from the cavern to the cockpit. You don’t have to turn yourself in, or show your face, the power of blogging is fast becoming a platform to convey personal joys, dilemma, openness and even big scandals like the Brian Gorrel case. Though my blogs isn’t as big and as glamorous as the others, I still feel accomplished and part of a sphere that links people from around the world, a sphere that evolves beyond gender, color of the skin, races, preferences and intentions, only genuine passion for writing, sharing stories and going with the flow.


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